Where did my passion for audio come from?

By the time I was sixteen years old I had been rapping for eight years.  I was in an awkward moment emotionally in my sophomore year of high school and pretty much a loner.  The second quarter of that year a transfer from Shawnee mission north, Raymond Perkins would become a close and lifelong friend of mine.

We bonded over music and began to share lyrics with one another.  He introduced me to a larger group of rappers and the years to follow ignited my desire to record.  Those moments would shape the future of my life.  Five years out of high school I felt I had learned all I could teach myself about the process of recording.  I then signed up for the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences to learn more.  I gorged on knowledge during my time in training and developed some very “xxxxx” habits.


One of those habits caught the eye of Grammy award-winning Audio Mixer Jeffery “Clark” Poe.  Jeff took me under his wing and straight into professional studio life.  Thirty days after meeting Jeff I started my first day at the legendary CAN/AM studios.  Monday through Saturday, six-teen hours a day with no end in sight and loving every minute of it.  I worked on the large format consoles SSL-4000E and the SSL SL4000G+ respectively and spent a considerable amount of time on a digital audio workstation quickly at that time becoming the standard Pro-Tools.  I worked next to Jeff and other times I ran sessions myself.  Hip-Hop, Pop, Rock, Japanese Punk Rock.  Sen Dawg of Cypress Hill, Def Jeff, Krazie Bone, Raphael Saddiq, Lena Park, Giorgia, Herbie Hancock, and every intern that came through those doors during my time there.  Some days I slept in the studio.

My Journey

I was twenty-three years old with a one-and-a-half-year-old child with only Sundays off on which I mostly slept.  It wasn’t going to last but I made sure to bring that energy back with me on my return to Kansas City.  I began building studios everywhere I lived.  I had a studio in Olathe in my parent’s basement.  When I rented an apartment in Lenexa I got an extra room.  I rented a house in Overland Park and put a studio in the basement there.  I had a small office space in south Kansas City.  For the past ten years, I’ve been in the Cross Roads district at Phosphor Studio.

My day-to-day

During my Audio journey as an engineer, I’ve worked with artists and businesses from a variety of scales.  My journey has been fun and I’ve learned a lot because I love the work.  The artist at the beginning of their creative lives to some of the greatest to ever do it within very seasoned careers.  Small business expanding their offerings or climbing another rung on their ladder to Schools, Universities, Non-Profits, large corporations, and Military Branches.  Everyone’s story is unique and I enjoy my part in telling those stories.