Royce Diamond

Royce Diamond is a songwriter, producer, hip-hop artist and audio engineer from Kansas City.  “Musically he is the most honest vocalist in the Kansas City scene,” says Approach, the President of Datura Records.  Royce Diamond is the owner of Random Acts of Music Studio, located in the Crossroads district in KC, and runs a recording label by the same name working across genres with releases from rappers Royce Diamond, Vimana-Isya and Louiz Rip to Jazz Pianist Jefferson Laurent and singer songwriter Clint Hoffmeier. Royce, building on his experiences in Las Angeles, where he worked at Can-Am Recording Studios, training under Grammy Award-winning engineer/mixer Jeffrey Clark Poe, (Jeff’s credits: Carlos Santana, Madonna, Guns ‘n’ Roses, Lauryn Hill) has over a decade as a musician in his catalog and is always pushing his boundaries with sound in his music.


Royce Diamond has recorded a new song.  Electronic guitar synths over a punch drum loop Royce Diamond paints any given day of a working musician.  Music production produced by life long friend and rare music collaborator Dotsun76 and recorded at RAOM Studio located in the Crossroads Arts District in Kansas City, MO.

“Rhyme Dotte County” – Oct. of 2012

For a five-track album, Rhyme Dotte County is a cohesive production that allows hip-hop to intermingle with rock in a purposeful way. Royce Diamond returns with his smooth, rapid-fire lyrics mixed with instrumentals that makes this a “chameleon” album. The music can adapt to any situation: a night out, a dinner party, a soundtrack to a movie. It changes with the person and gives the listener a new experience every time they hear it.

“MIrrors and Smoke” – March of 2012

Royce Diamond’s sophomore album Mirrors and Smoke sticks with the same catchiness of his previous lyrics, but many of the tracks have a more serious, if not slightly darker, undertone. If we were to try to deduct a message within the music, it’d be: nothing personal, just business.

He calls on fellow artists (Phantom and Louiz Rip) and speaks to the struggle of not only rappers, producers, or entertainers paving a creative path, but entrepreneurial spirits on any level. He speaks to the power of the grind and how unglamorous that life can be. Although he’s been in the music business for over fifteen years, he’s turned the corner with Mirrors and Smoke and could easily subtitle the album The Maturation of Royce Diamond.

“Signal Flow” – 2010

In 2010 when Royce Diamond introduced Signal Flow to fans, he had created a buffed and polished follow up to the free digital release of Aficionado. Although ever true to his Wyandotte roots, his lyrics focus more on where he’s at in any given moment rather than where he was back then.

The music from this album marks both a personal and musical progression for Royce Diamond with local artists like Louiz Rip, Approach, and Smoov Confusion lending their individual vocal talents for a richer, fuller record. If you listen closely, Signal Flow represents the spirit of an artist who represents the day-to-day grind that many creatives experience and is subtle in its message to others to step up their game.