Royce Diamond

Royce Diamond released “The Launch” the EP, in the fall of 2012, which featured the song “Cracks.”

An electric, glitch, hip hop track that fans love to see performed live.  The video for “Cracks” was filmed throughout the urban core of Kansas City, Missouri and provides

a perfect back drop to an already incredibly urban song.  Royce Diamond displays his many styles of rap with three very powerful

verses.  In the first two verses he unleashes a dynamically rhythmic double time flow while quieting all of his loudest critics

and in the third verse, he takes it back to the roots of his very urban and street flow.

This song is a must for your ipod and I dare you to learn the verses.  Make no mistake, 2012 is here and Royce Diamond is back.

Download “Cracks” and the rest of “The Launch” for free and enjoy this high impact and intense video.

Cracks” the video.

The video “Cracks” has everything from an 80’s Max Hedrom glitch to a Hollywood explosion, so keep your eyes pilled and do

not be ashamed to rewind it back to catch everything you may have missed.

Royce Diamond filming “Cracks”