Geeji or Richard Spearman is a friend of mine I’ve had since my days on 10th and Quindaro dating back to 1991.  We’ve stayed in touch and he’s always had lyrics that I could connect with.  He rapped over some of my first production back in 1996.  He reached out to me fall of 2020 to discuss getting in the studio with me to produce some music he’s been working on.  This was our third session and he’s bringing that 90’s Golden Era style of hip hop back to RAOM Studio and It’s been a pleasure to work with him.

I remember going to his mother’s apartment when he moved to 78th and Troost my freshman year of high school and going to parties.  He took me around his neighborhood and introduced me to the characters of his new world and ironically he’s related to a group of guys I grew up with prior to my experiences on 10th street.

Geeji is working with a local MC who has been producing that Golden Era hip-hop since I first took an interest in it seriously back in 2003.  Today we worked on a song Geeji wrote about his mother who passed away when he and I were estranged.  An emotional moment for all of us involved because Taha also lost his mother.  My mother is alive and well but in 2017 I spent 3 weeks in and out of the hospital with my mom and the last four years doing anything I could to preserve her life and her living standards as possible.  It was a real day in the studio.