It’s Gotta Be Music Video

“It’s Gotta Be” is a music video shot and directed by 23-year-old Hip-Hop artist Vimana-Isya, in the West bottoms, Cross Roads, Jazz District and throughout Kansas City, on a First Fridays in 2016. I’ve been working with Vimana for just under a year and asked him to explain his vision on this project. It’s an interesting video and here is what he had to say about it.

Viamana-ISYA: Talk about an amazing experience. I approached anybody in my path on the streets and asked them to express themselves and write on me and they wrote! (Randomly)  One guy’s wife wrote “Happy” “Love” “Joy” the genuine connection was incredibly powerful. The husband wrote “America” “All” “Together”… Majority of people agreed to participate but asked to remain anonymous. By the end of the night my canvas was completely covered by the thoughts, emotions, and opinions of the people who wrote on me.
Happy Love and enjoy this video and share it if you feel moved to.


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