Joe Average by Louiz Rip and Produced by Royce Diamond

Louiz Rip drops his first album in over a year with a little help from RAOM partner Royce Diamond.  You can expect to hear the tantalizing word play fans have grown accustom to, but a new Louiz Rip has emerged on this album.  Coupled with a unique sound Royce Diamond created for this album Louiz Rip opens the door to a lot more of soul than his previous albums. This melodic journey starts with the title track off this album “Joe Average” that paints the picture of a outcasted Louiz Rip finding himself through the art of Hip Hop music.  Through the struggles of poverty and gang violence found in the urban communities to the clash of good parenting “Joe Average” appears to be both a self examination as well as a declaration for the future.

The song “S.L.U.T. for Love” (cleverly subtitled Supreme Lust Under Temptation) features the albums producer Royce Diamond and illustrates where the pair draw the line on their quest for fortune and fame.  Slut for Love is the only song on this album produced by Dotson76, another member of the RAOM team.  If fans have anything to say about it, I believe the combination of these three artist merit a reunion.

Joe Average

This album has everything you need if you love hip hop music.  Hardcore lyrical lyrics accompanied by hard hitting 808 drums, sprinkled with enough melodic musicality to bring R Kelly to Kansas City.  From the anti industry song “No Trends” to the Tupac isc “Marvin Gaye”, this album is a hip hop album through and through.  My favorite song, however, is probably the least friendly to the genre, but the most rewarding to the soul.  “Poor Mans Fortune” is the closetes fans of this artist have been able to get to Louiz Rip through his music, ever.

You can pick up the album “Joe Average” on Amazon or Itunes.

Louiz Rip performing Live