Nate Holt was in the studio again this week working on a song called “This Moment” that we’ve been working on together for about a month.  I wrote the lyrics to this song in 2015 and when Nate sent some music to me the track he was calling “vestiges” showed me what my lyrics were missing.  I finished the lyrics and recorded myself in my downtown studio.  Pro-Tools app controlling Pro-Tools, Focusrite RedNet Control app controlling my mic pres and me alone in the studio.  I turned my Hue lighting system to the blue stage lighting I had in my mind when I wrote these lyrics.  I spent about 3 hours recording all of the pieces of the lyrics that I heard in my head.  I like to record my lead vocals all the way through the song.  It helps me guide the emotion that I enjoy when I’m on stage and then I’ll go back and add the accents that help tell the story I am working to deliver.  I also recorded 20 tracks of a piece of the lyrics “life on a bass drum” so that I had a lot to work with on that lyric.

I sent my recording to Nate and he edited my vocals on the chorus to a feel that he imagined and sent that back to me.  I heard that and it allowed me to hear the whole song in a whole new way and I went back in and re-recorded my Verse and the first part of the chorus.  We let that sit for a few weeks and here we are now working on the mix for the first time.

I like to get levels and some basic eq and panning done pretty quickly so that I don’t lose perspective.  Nate and I put on our headphones and went to work on that for two hours and then we took a break on the roof of the studio.  I like to take at least 15 minutes usually every hour but we pushed through for two hours on this night.  It’s a perfect time to vibe and just get out of the studio and enjoy the natural world.  I find we usually come back with a game plan and fresh ears.  We worked a few more hours and wrapped up knowing we’ll need another session to complete the mix.  I have some ideas for vocals and Nate has some ideas for his synth arrangement.  We’ll do our work separately, gather the files and get together to complete the mix over the next week.