April 21, 2016 I was in Florida getting ready for a welcome dinner for my good friends wedding, in line at a Publix grocery store talking on the phone.  My call dropped and my phone begins to buzz.  I looked down
With nothing but joy in my heart, thrown into a war zone of emotions and hit by a mortar that sent me into shell shock.  A legend has died.  Not any legend, my legend.  I hadn’t ever once anticipated the loss of Prince.  Twenty years of arguing whom the greatest of all time was, Prince or Michael Jackson.  For a good two hours I truly begin to question what life was all about.  I didn’t know Prince personally but somehow I always felt like I did.  In the days to follow I learned more about Prince the man than I ever had even felt the need to know.  I guess he was an idol for me.  I was more than the casual fan.  I can see him in all the shows and performances that I’ve implicitly enjoyed over the past 20 years as if they would never end.  He will truly be missed but I suspect he knew that better than any of us or at least I would have ever known.