One song recording package


Record One song

  • Import audio files or open Pro-tools Session
  • Record Lead vocals
  • Record Background vocals
  • Record Chorus and alternate sections
  • Edit
    • Vocals
    • Song arrangement
  • Mix
  • Fresh Ears mix changes
    • Listen to your new song on all of your devices and any systems you can get your hands on and then take a night off.  Once you’ve rested your ears give your music another listen and send your changes to me and I’ll make the adjustments and upload your completed mix.
    • Rough mix are available in your dropbox folder.
  • Completed Mix Export
    • 96k 32bit for mastering if your original files are 96k 32bit.
    • 44.1k 16bit two track mix you can play on all of your devices and systems.
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This is the perfect package for the basement and garage producer or artist. You have good of your latest piece of music and are looking for a professional mix to help your music shine this package is perfect for you.

Upload your music to the provided and secure dropbox folder and I’ll get to work on your music.  You’ll have a dialog box that will enable you give your vision and comment on your rough mix.

  • 5 hours recording
  • 5 hours mixing

Deliver a two track mix ready for mastering.


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