Rap at the Goomba Raverap-ladies-partying

Last night (September 27th, 2012) the Bottle Neck in Lawrence, Kansas hosted an event by Bear Club that was sponsored by Red Bull called Goomba Rave that brought in a ton of very talented rap artist.  All under one roof, this event brought in Lawrence based, rap artist Winners Circle and Approach.  Wyandotte county rap artist Louiz Rip and Royce Diamond were a part of the line up, along with DJ-Gtrain and the Red Bull Thre3Style Kansas City Champion DJ Sku and oh what a night.

Rap on level 10

Non-Stop rap music, dance music and cameras going off everywhere with tons of video sure to make YouTube in the next few days and you know it was a Rave to not miss.  The energy in the club peaked way past 10 on the meter keeping everyone going well into the morning hours.  Thank you to all of the college kids that had class today and all of the suits that had to be at work, but hey, today’s Friday.  It might be a long eight hours today but I’m sure it was worth it.

Keep up with these Rap artist and DJ’s

Make sure to keep up with all of these acts as the make their way around this great nation and get out and get their music, represent, represent.

Artist                       Twitter                                   Facebook
Royce Diamond     @RoyceDiamond                  RoyceDiamondMusic
Louiz Rip                   @Louiz Rip                                 Louiz Rip
Approach                 @Approach1                               Approach
Winners Circle        @TheWinnersLK785
DJ G-Train               @DJGTRAIN                               DJ-GTrain
DJ Sku                      @Dj_Sku                                   SkuDizzle

I want to send a shout out and big thank you to everyone at The Bottle Neck; you are a very good group of professionals.  Thank you for having us in your venue and all of the additional support you offer.  I also want to thank the Bear Club Team and everything you do for the music scene in Lawrence and having us out.  Thank you to Red Bull for your love and most definitely thank you to Rob for everything you do.

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