Rhyme Dotte County

Royce Diamond and Louiz Rip have released a new album entitled “Rhyme Dotte County”.    This album is Rhyme Dotte Countyalready getting some great reviews and moving around the net rapidly.  “Rhyme Dotte County” features five songs, four of which feature production from Royce Diamond.  The fifth song “Anything” features production from Random Acts of Music producer DJ-X-Sinna and female rapper Stitch81 Classic. The rest of “Rhyme Dotte County” has no features and is jam packed full of some of the hard-hitting lyrics.  Royce Diamond and Louiz Rip go back and forth throughout all of “Rhyme Dotte County”, delivering line after line of heavy hitting lyrics.

Rhyme Dotte County songs

“Rhyme Dotte” is the intro song to “Rhyme Dotte County” album and a heater in my opinion.  A little bit of rockand roll, that hip hop 808 and a whole lot of double time from this duo made for a song jam packed full of one liners and metaphors.  Stop listening for a second and you will miss more than a lot of hip-hop songs have in three minutes.  Royce Diamond and Louiz Rip let it be known what they think about some of the artist out there on the song “Anything”.  That is just two of the songs on this EP you will not want to miss.  Check out “Rhyme Dotte County” today and download it for free right here on RoyceDiamond.com.

Listen to Rhyme Dotte County right here

Rhyme Dotte      Anything      Sky Falling     Drop Em Low     The Choir

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