American Dreaming Louiz Rip and Royce Diamond release American Life

Royce Diamond and Louiz Rip are back with a new hip hop song for the 4th of July, aptly titled American Dreaming. Imagine sitting around the Bar-B-que walking down the last 10 years of African American life through the eyes of two hip-hop artists. From one extreme to the other, excessive success coupled with extreme suppression. Couple that with a melodic hook and that throwback hip hop feel and you have the latest from Royce Diamond and Louiz Rip. American Dreaming is a wonderful change from all of the party music with no message.  Click this image to listen.

DJ X Sinna

American Dreaming is the first release from Random Acts of Music’s newest producer DJ X Sinna and the production sounds like a very seasoned producer. The sound created by this three artists for the song American is simply amazing and feels like an instant classic. Take the time to listen to this song and make sure all your family and friends get to hear this song this weekend.

Click the singles image to download the song or head over to Bandcamp to hear the song.

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Louiz Rip’s latest album is “Joe Average”.

Royce Diamond’s latest album is “Mirrors and Smoke”.