They Wanna Be Remixes

Royce Diamond in association with Think 2wice have produced a remix EP of Royce Diamond’s biggest hit off of his Signal Flow album, They Wanna Be.  They Wanna Be Remix EP has some of the best remix producers doing their thing on Think 2wice, courtesy of producer and DJ Brent Tactic, who was the brain behind this project.  With remixes from Norrit, DJ B-Stee, Inflect and BD1982, this EP has twenty minutes of non-stop electro dance music to hype any club scene.  Toss anyone of these remixes into you next party mix and you have a winner.

Royce Diamond’s orignal

The original “They Wanna Be” that features Reggie is a unique blend of electronic hip hop and soul that most listeners would not have expected from Royce Diamond or Reggie B.  But it works!  The sound is terrific and mixes right in on this EP.  They Wanna Be the Remixes could easily be titled “Clash of the Titans”.  In one word, what makes this EP great?  Talent!.  Royce Diamond, Think 2wice and it’s arsenal of producers, layered with the soultry sounds of Reggie B, #winning!

How it all came about

After completing the “Signal Flow” album, Royce Diamond plunged head first into his first single “They Wanna Be”.  Soliciting radio stations and blogs and making videos that featured this unique sounding song.  One of the first stops Royce Diamond made was a very interesting phone call to DJ Brent Tactic about a possible remix album to this track.  A few months later and “They Wanna Be” the remixes hit stores, videos, and became a wonderful jewel to be had.  Since the release of the EP, several unsanctioned remixes of They Wanna Be have hit the world, giving props to the group of minds that made the original EP.

They Wanna Be Remix EP  Royce Diamond They Wanna Be Remix EP