New Hip Hop music from Royce Diamond and Deuce Fontane.

Royce Diamond and Deuce Fontane are back in the studio together for the first time since the release of Royce Diamond’s, Signal Flow Album in March of 2011.  This time the track is produced by Royce Diamond who is also featured artist on the song giving this Duo a whole new sound that fans will adore.  Three jam packed 16 bar verses that eluded to what these gentleman have in store for the world of music in 2012.  With the year half gone, it looks like things are heating up for both of these artist.  Check out this song, and love, like and share it.  The New Era is the title and as you would imagine, this duo is talking to the world on this one.

Download: “How do you define real” by Deuce Fontane feat. Royce Diamond.

Hip hop music at it’s finest.