Royce Diamond’s latest single “Let It Out” was produced by R.A.O.M. producer Dotsun76 and will be released on Royce Diamond releases Let it outJuly 24th, 2012. A little birdie let it slip that these two have been in the studio together for years but this is there first commercial collaboration. Dotsun76 and Royce Diamond where in a rap crew in high-school, called Skill Society and recorded and performed together many times under that umbrella. A reunion of the two artists, started in October of 2011, when Royce Diamond started Random Acts of Music. Looking for a new sound, Royce Diamond reached out to his old band mate for production. The story goes, coming down the pipeline is a lot more music from the two of these artist.

Royce Diamond – Let it out

Let it out is a soulful union of electronic synths and hard-hitting Hip-Hop 808’s. Royce Diamond unleashes his very soulful rhythmic flow over this beat with a very melodic delivery. Let it out, seems to tell, a tale of hard work and believing in yourself. At times it feels as though Royce Diamond is talking to himself and at others like he’s training up a legion of young artist.

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Royce Diamond’s latest album “Mirrors and Smoke” hit stores in March of 2012. It is available on ITunes, Amazon, Spotify, and Check out the latest video from Mirrors and Smoke on YouTube.