Back Together

Royce Diamond and Louiz Rip are right back at cha, with “Karma” the latest single from this hip-hop duo.  Royce Diamond releases his latest single “Karma”.Their latest song “Karma” is another song from these two-celebrity artists that knocks at the door of the mainstream.  Karma, another hard-hitting track from Random Acts of Music producer DJ-X-Sinna that sends a fastball right over the home plate.  Add Royce Diamond and Louiz Rip and you have a winning combination.  Royce Diamond story telling and Louiz Rip word play, equals a win.  Welcome to Kansas City, where the beats are plush and the artist are seasoned.  Download it for free here by clicking on the word Karma.


What could this song possibly be about, hmmm, I wonder.  Is it the pay back for times these artist have been done wrong?  Nope, think bigger than that.  Karma is a call to the wonderful land of the United States.  Royce Diamond and Louiz Rip drape their red, white, and blue, but they realize it’s still not the land of the free, well for some.  Think drug slanging, bottle popping, misogynistic, Afro-American hating, corporate rap America and you’ll be on the right path to the message found within this song.  Royce Diamond and Louiz Rip are similar to Kansas City’s Black Star rap duo, if you follow the message Karma puts on the table.

Above the Lights with Royce Diamond

Karma doesn’t sound like a call to action but more of an observation of where the music industry seems to be in its present state.  Hip-Hop has made it to corporate America and that, according to “Karma” is both good and bad.  Hip-Hop, the new rock and roll, is also the new gluttonous, fame craving; self-absorbed sitcom and we all love it.

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