Royce Diamond “They Wanna Be” [Official Music Video]

Summer of 2010, Royce Diamond released what was going to become one of his biggest singles ever, “They Wanna Be”.  They Wanna Be is an electronic Hip Hop song that features the vocals of Reggie B courtesy of INnateSounds and Planet H Productions.  Royce Diamond’s vision for this video was to shoot in a James Bond fashion complete with an Aston Martin.  The video was shot over the course of 3 days, the first taking 14 hours, followed by a 12-hour day and an 8-hour day.  Two locations would be the entire backdrop to this music video fueled with a lot of creativity.

The Making

The main location for the They Wanna Be music video was a Kansas City medical clinic that the crew and the set designer Raymond Criswell, were able to turn into five completely unique locations for the video.  From antique props to unique hand made designs, some of which were made on set, to portray whatever the scene required.  Most of the cast was from Kansas City and the video also featured Reggie B, doing what he does best, playing the piano.  The director Souradet Tomby Phengsengkham, worked with Royce Diamond on the script for this video and the two of them brought this video to life.

The moment this video hit YouTube the views started running and hasn’t stopped, to this day.  Check out this video and many more of Royce Diamond’s music videos on his YouTube page or  If you haven’t heard “They Wanna Be” the remixes, preview it on Royce Diamond’s Amazon Page as well as other music from his catalog.

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