Less Talking Music Video

Royce Diamond is set to release his latest music video “Less Talking” on Tuesday June 26, 2012.  Less Talking the video is takes an early 90’s approach to rap music videos.  The Hollywood feel Royce Diamond is known for in his music videos is only slightly present in his latest video.  Less Talking is a song about staying focused on your workload and less interested in telling the world about your work ethic. This song at times feels like Royce may be speaking to himself and a moment later to an associate.

The video starts out with an independent movie feel that slowly turns into a slow paced music video.  There is an excellent display of lyrics in this video with a darker feel than we are accustomed to getting from Royce Diamond.  Less Talking is a song that dives into the everyday grind of hip hop music from an artist perspective and this video takes the serious stand that Royce is known for portraying in his style of music.  No features, no ladies, just Royce Diamond and the camera.  Be careful, I think you might like this video.

Royce Diamond’s Mirrors and Smoke

If you haven’t heard this album yet, head over to ITunes and get you a copy today.  Less Talking is the first video off of this album but a little birdie told me it would not be the last.  Songs that you should definitely take the time to hear on this album “So Easy”, “All Night” and “Gun Pop”.  “Let Em Spit” features Louiz Rip and is also a fan favorite.  This album is packed full of great songs and excellent collaborations you may not have considered other wise.

June 26, Less Talking the video will be out and available for viewing right here on RoyceDiamond.com, YouTube, Vimeo, and all of the other usual locations.

Royce Diamond’s “Mirrors and Smoke”