I wrote so easy in 2010 while writing my first album “Signal Flow”.  “Signal Flow” had my “in the basement having a good time feel” and So Easy was very much the new reality I was living in when I wrote it.  Not really an opinion but more of a biopic of the way I felt at that moment.  Stacey and I had been together just under two years and together we had decided I should pursue my music full-time again.  My son RJ had just turned twelve and my stepdaughter Mya was four years old.  Real convenient time.

I sat in the dark of our basement making music and searching for anything to guide my music career.  For the next four years, I followed routine writing, performing, networking, and writing.  I wrote, recorded, and released more than 150 songs of my own and I couldn’t tell you how many collaborations I have floating around the web.

Originally released in 2012 on my Mirrors and Smoke album “So Easy” has been a favorite for all of my musician friends.  I think we’ve all felt the way I feel when I perform this song.  When I’m in the car alone, driving and I hear a piece of music with interesting timing or a melancholy mood these lyrics often begin to flow from my lips.  What’s one more night of no sleep?

February of 2021 I happen to have music from Astreles turn up in the car.  So easy came right to me and it felt great.  A week or so later I was in the studio with Astreles wrapping up on music he and I were working on for him to release and I mentioned that I’ve been rapping “So Easy” over his music.  He asked to hear it so I turned on the arrangement he’d sent me and performed “So Easy” and I believe his response was “we need to do that.”  Let us know what you think.