As you may know in the past I’ve primarily worked with hip hop, R&B, and Electronic artists but a good friend of mine Clint Hoffmeier who has been in the rock band “Vehicle” for 20+ years wanted me to mix and master his latest album.  The first song I mixed for Clint he loves and I guess that gave me too much confidence because the next few mixes I sent him were way off base.  To the point that he wrote me a huge emotional email.  The creative process can be difficult for people whose jobs require them to live in their emotions all day every day and Clint was concerned with hurting our personal relationship.

I share with an artist that I’m not married to any one idea.  My job is to expand the possibilities as an engineer however they are just my ideas, thoughts, or impulses.  After a conversation on the phone with Clint, I had a better sense of direction of where he wanted this album to go and I began delivering mix that were exactly what he was looking for.  Today, I finished the masters for those songs and delivered them to Clint.