What you need for a recording session

You’ve written your latest song or you’ve spent the last year rewriting your whole album and now you are ready to get into the studio. Are you ready to get into the studio? What do you need to know before you call a recording studio? How much should you budget? How long will the recording process take? First, who’s producing this record? Are you headed to a studio where the engineer is going to make all of the creative decisions? What are the creative decisions? Artist come into the studio with all kinds of jargon they believe conveys real emotion to the engineer but your audio engineer is not your producer unless you hire her to be and she’s going to need more time or an assistant if she’s truly going to play that role. What’s the difference between the producer and the audio engineer? In the low budget, recorded in my homies basement, it may not seem like there’s any difference but then why do the records that win Grammys cost so much? NO!!!!! IT’S NOT THE GEAR!!!! Gear is great but some of your favorite records have been recorded on a laptop in someone’s living room with the evening news playing in the background. Can the engineer be the producer, absolutely but your record will suffer if you assume that’s the case.

Maybe you don’t have all of these questions down to a mathematical science but you need to have some idea. First of all, what’s been recorded? Do you have music that your production producer has created and arranged for you? If so, you need the stems if you want a chance of having that record played in clubs or on any professional radio station. If you don’t know what stems are, read my article on stems and why they are important to your record. If you’re a band and you’re recording the members of your band we have another rabbit hole that needs to be addressed. Lots of people are recording lots of different ways and all of them will work out fine if you have a plan and a few expectations. I’ve explained some of the different strategies I frequently come across on different pages so that you don’t have to sift through a huge article looking for a method that applies to you.

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If I missed a category or you’re doing something unique, feel free to email me, I’d love to hear about it.

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